FRUPAK is a highly experienced manufacturer of premium quality processed fruit products for both the food service and industrial ingredient markets for over 35 years.

Our product range includes a high quality apple pie mix product for the bakery trade as well as single strength fruit purees from a full range of fruits eg. pears, peaches, apricots, plums, berries, kiwifruit and others which can be produced by specific fruit variety which are mainly sourced from orchards in sunny Hawke’s Bay. This provides our customers with an opportunity to differentiate their product with the end consumer.

FRUPAK can offer Apple Juice (NFC – Not from Concentrate) produced on site in Hawke’s Bay in a new juicing facility by specific apple variety or as a blend.

In addition to conventional processing Frupak has full organic certification and can offer organic fruit products.

We welcome interest in any contract processing options based on a flexible plant and a high level of technical capability and undertake contracts on a case by case basis.


FRUPAK is part of


The Fresh Fruit Company of New Zealand Ltd.