The FRUPAK processing factory has been operating at the site in Hawke’s Bay for over 35 years and supplies a variety of fruit based products into both large and small companies throughout New Zealand and Australia.  Products are sold as industrial ingredients in large bulk packs.

We have strong relationships at an orchard level and work closely with growers to ensure that the fruit supplied for processing is of the required quality and so can source fruit according to customer requirements.

The Hawke’s Bay site also has on-site controlled atmosphere storage facilities.  This means that FRUPAK has access to fresh apples for processing for an extended part of the year and so customers can have their products manufactured from fresh outside of the traditional apple harvesting season.

In 1977 FRUPAK process factory was  established to process the apples that were considered to be “second grade” to maximise the value for this product stream.  Utilising this raw material in combination with some scientific research completed by what was then called the DSIR (Department for Scientific & Industrial Research), FRUPAK developed an apple pie mix specifically for the bakery trade.  In 1981 the factory was expanded and started production of FRUPAK’s trademark product, FRUPAK Apple Pie Mix. Due to ongoing demand this product has remained basically the same since and is made exclusively from Granny Smith apples.

In 2010 FRUPAK invested in a new hot filling line to enable the processing of hot filled fruit purees into a 20 kg bag in box.  This investment now means that FRUPAK can provide fruit ingredients both with and without the use of preservative. The process factory has also developed expertise to contract process other fruits on behalf of its customers for a variety of end users.  These products include apricots, peaches, plums & nectarines, as well as the ability to de-seed fruits like kiwifruit & berry fruit.  Processing of organic apples and pears is now also a routine product, with the resulting purees for use in baby food products.

The apple juice press was commissioned in 2015 enabling the factory to offer pasteurised NFC apple juice in bulk packs as well as tanker loads to various customers for further processing into retail products.

FRUPAK, in 2017 has become part of Freshco, an Auckland based export business that has steadily grown to include orchards, packing houses, coolstores and offices in key growing locations through New Zealand.