FRUPAK Apple Pie Mix has been the flagship product for decades and is a product specifically formulated for use in the preparation of apple pies and is manufactured exclusively from Granny Smith apples.

FRUPAK Pie Mix is an ideal base for bakeries and can be used in apple pies, pastries, cakes, muffins and speciality items

This product is created by blending fresh, uncooked apple dices with hot fill apple puree to the ratio of 70% dice to 30% puree by weight.  There is no added sugar.

The apple dices mean that the product retains the full natural apple flavour and a superior texture.

The dices are manufactured from fresh Granny Smith apples.  The fresh apples are washed, peeled & cored, then passed through a preservative bath on their way to the dicer.  They are then diced into 10mm dices, which are then blended with the apple puree.  At this point further preservatives are added and the product is packed.

Due to the fresh apple component of this product preservative is added.  The product contains a maximum of 400 ppm Sulphur Dioxide and 800 ppm Sorbic Acid, when packed.

Ideally this product should be kept in cool storage.


Frozen Apple Dices FRUPAK produces fresh and frozen diced apple products.  The frozen product is block frozen in a 10kg bag in box.

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