Fruitpackers started marketing and exporting fresh apples in its own right in 2000 and now sells 80% of its fruit direct to market. Having built strong long term relationships with reputable receivers who in turn have solid programs in the supermarket chains, Fruitpackers have taken a long term quality driven approach as this is seen as the only way of achieving the best returns consistently.

Local Market Sales

Fruitpackers have built a very strong local market program for fruit packing and delivery all year round to various wholesalers and supermarkets. In addition to providing good returns, this provides another strong option for the placing of fruit. Fruitpackers run a year round packing programme ensuring that we enter the busy export season with experienced staff who know fruit, the systems and how to achieve the highest pack out statistics possible from the fruit supplied. Therefore our growers enjoy best possible pack outs, and our markets receive better quality fruit.

Being a grower co-operative provides a number of strengths and advantages.

These include having a high grower input and close associations with our markets resulting in good open communication between grower and customer to ensure customer requirements are met. We pride ourselves on our customer focus and the strength of the relationships that we have built with our customers.