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Granny Smith

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Due to climatic variables, submission dates will be advised on a seasonal basis in conjunction with go dates given by the Fruitpackers Lab, contact (link to contacts process fruits page) the gate house for receiving hours.

Fruit Specifications for Fruitpackers Process Factory

This is by arrangement with either Chris Dillon or Glenys Pryor and applies to Granny Smith only.

Grade Standards


Mixed Peeler

Size Fruit must be 67mm(20% tolerance or can be paid at pulp rate for difference)not below 55mm Minimum diameter 55mm
Blackspot NIL NIL
Shape Uniform and typical of variety Uniform and typical of variety
Sunburn Must not be unsound Must not be unsound
Bruising Must not be heavy or deep Must not be heavy or deep
Hail All healed hail marks are acceptable All healed hail marks are acceptable
Leaves 2% tolerance for leaves on stems 2% tolerance for leaves on stems
Unsound 2% tolerance for cuts. 2% tolerance for cuts
Russet All russet is acceptable. All russet is acceptable.
Frost NIL Acceptable

Fruit outside of these specifications will be down graded and growers will be notified on an individual basis.

Fruit handled as per normal export picking. Fruit deemed to be picked off the ground would not be accepted. Fruit in this category will be deemed to be unsound and have a 2% tolerance. Suitability of fruit suffering frost or hail damage will be assessed on an individual basis.

Final submission dates will be specified each year, generally by Mid May.

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Seasonal Employment

Seasonal employment opportunities at Fruitpackers packhouse are available from February through to July.

For further details please contact the employment officer.

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