Are you a grower or wish to know more about our fresh products?

Fruitpackers has been Packing/ Exporting since 1971. Fruitpackers start’s packing fruit to Exports from February including Pacific Beauty/Royal Gala to the end of July with later varieties Braeburn/Pink Lady (we do pack all varieties).

We have available on site USDA inspection including IQP (Integrated Quality Production) and FAS. We aim to provide a safe, high quality fruit handling and distribution service to deliver product that meets or exceeds customer expectation.


Want to know more about
our processed products?

Frupak has been manufacturing processed apple products for the NZ food ingredient and bakery trade for over 30 years. The company specialises in producing products from Granny Smith apples, however also has the capability to provide products made from a full range of other apple varieties. Processed products include apple puree, apple sauce, apple pie mix and frozen apple slice and dice.
In addition to apples, Frupak now also processes a range of other fruit purees, including pears, peaches, kiwifruit, berries, plums as well as organic products. All products manufactured are sold into either food service or as industrial ingredients to food manufacturers. Frupak welcomes enquiries regarding contract processing opportunities.

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