Over 30 years of Excellence

FRUPAK is a highly experienced manufacturer of premium quality processed fruit products for both the food service and industrial ingredient markets.   FRUPAK produces a range of fruit products but specialises in the manufacture of processed apple products, specifically from Granny Smith apples.

Granny Smith apples are the premier processing apple based on their texture, bright green skin and clean white interior.   FRUPAK grows and harvests Granny Smith apples exclusively for the manufacture of their high quality apple pie mix product for the bakery trade.

FRUPAK also manufactures an extensive range of pureed fruit products which can be produced by specific fruit variety.  This provides our customers with an opportunity to differentiate their product with the end consumer.

FRUPAK is also certificated for processing of organic apple and other fruits.

FRUPAK welcomes interest in the contract processing based on a flexible plant and a high level of technical capability.

Looking for info on fresh apples?

Looking for info on fresh apples?

Are you a grower or wish to know more about our fresh products, click through to our Fresh Site.

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Are you a Grower?

Seasonal Employment

Seasonal employment opportunities at Fruitpackers packhouse are available from February through to July.

For further details please contact the employment officer.

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Accommodation available for large groups.

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