Over 30 years of Excellence

Company mission statement
“Our co-operative strength will provide service and benefits to our members and our customers in the post-harvest handling and distribution of apples.”

Company quality statement
“The Process Factory is committed to produce quality fruit products from the fruit supplied by contract Grower members, and in addition from outside growers under contract.”

Food Safety Statement
“The company will promote its policy of food safety through a systematic approach to all its functions and processes.  Employees will be trained in food safety externally and internally through standard operating procedures and attention to detail.”

Looking for info on fresh apples?

Looking for info on fresh apples?

Are you a grower or wish to know more about our fresh products, click through to our Fresh Site.

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Are you a Grower?

Seasonal Employment

Seasonal employment opportunities at Fruitpackers packhouse are available from February through to July.

For further details please contact the employment officer.

Accommodation Available

Accommodation available for large groups.

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