Over 30 years of Excellence

The FRUPAK processing factory has been operating at the site in Hawkes Bay for over 30 years and supplies a variety of fruit based products into both large and small companies throughout the New Zealand food industry.  Products are sold as both industrial ingredients in large bulk packs as well as smaller pouch packs to the food service industry.

The processing factory is part of the FRUPAK grower cooperative which means that there are strong relationships at an orchard level.  The processing factory works closely with these growers to ensure that the fruit supplied for processing is of the required quality.  The processing factory also has relationships beyond those within the grower cooperative and so can source fruit according to customer requirements.

The Hawkes Bay site also has on-site controlled atmosphere storage facilities.  This means that FRUPAK has access to fresh apples for processing for an extended part of the season and so customers can have their products manufactured from fresh outside of the traditional apple harvesting season.

Looking for info on fresh apples?

Looking for info on fresh apples?

Are you a grower or wish to know more about our fresh products, click through to our Fresh Site.

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Seasonal Employment

Seasonal employment opportunities at Fruitpackers packhouse are available from February through to July.

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Accommodation available for large groups.

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