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To ensure full traceability, product security and staff health and safety, all operations under taken in the Fruitpackers Process Factory follows strict national and international quality and food safety codes of practice and regulations in the processing and distribution of fruit. These include the following;

Click here to view our Process Factory Food Safery Certificate

Click here to view our Food Safety Programme Approval

·   Fully accredited HACCP based food safety programme

·   Click here to view our Workplace Safety Certificate

·   Click here to view our USDA National Organic (NOP) Certificate

·   Click here to view our AsureQuality Organic Standard V5 Certificate

·   Click here to view our MAF Official Organic Assurance Programme Technical Rules for Organic Production V7.1 Certificate


Looking for info on fresh apples?

Looking for info on fresh apples?

Are you a grower or wish to know more about our fresh products, click through to our Fresh Site.

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Are you a Grower?

Seasonal Employment

Seasonal employment opportunities at Fruitpackers packhouse are available from February through to July.

For further details please contact the employment officer.

Accommodation Available

Accommodation available for large groups.

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