Fruitpackers growers follow strict national and international quality and food safety codes of practices and regulations in the growing of apples on their orchards. These include the following;

NZ Pipfruit IFP Programme
Fruitpackers apples are grown under the world leading NZ Pipfruit IFP (Integrated fruit production) programme to ensure the best possible quality with the least environmental impact.

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Fruitpackers growers are accredited to the international EurepGAP standard. EurepGAP started in 1997 as an initiative of retailers belonging to the Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group (EUREP). It has subsequently evolved into an equal partnership of agricultural producers and their retail customers. The Mission is to develop widely accepted standards and procedures for the global certification of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

Fruitpackers operate a PMO (Produce Marketing Organisation) system; as such Fruitpackers audits every grower annually to the EurepGAP standard. The PMO system and selected growers are also audited annually by an IVA (Independent verification agency) to maintain accreditation.

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AgriQuality CropSure Spray Safe Compliance Programme

Fruitpackers growers comply with The CropSure Spray Safe Compliance Programme run by Agriquality   to ensure only plant protection products approved by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) and the NZ Pipfruit IFP programme are used, this also includes a strict residue testing programme.

Tesco Natures Choice

In addition to EurepGAP, a selection of Fruitpackers growers are accredited to the Tesco Natures Choice Standard. As with EurepGAP, this is run under the Fruitpackers PMO system with annual audits undertaken to maintain accreditation. Occupational Health and safety

Occupational Health and safety

Fruitpackers Growers comply with national safe work place practices and training as set out by the Department of Labour and Growsafe.